As part of the continued expansion of GT Grafix we have now become a major supplier of Built Up letters and logo's to the Sign Trade in the UK. Our bespoke service and cutting edge technology means we can fulfill virtually any signage request at a competitive price.

Built up letters are a great way to add impact and distinctiveness to you or your clients commercial signs.

Nothing leaves a greater impression on your customers and employees as a custom made 3-D sign logo displayed in a reception area, or outside a company building.

"What do you mean by 3D?" is something we get asked a lot. People confuse the term with a computer generated 3D effect. That type of 3D looks dimensional, but in reality is a flat image. Our work is "touch and feel 3D" i.e you can feel the dimensions.

Any numbering, lettering or logo can be precision cut out of aluminium or perspex and then mounted onto a surface - either directly or raised on pins to create a shadow. This kind of signage is used at town-house complex entrances, company entrances and reception areas, providing the perfect upmarket solution.

Lettering can be manufactured with or without returned edges and colours can be matched to your own requirements. Built up letters are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours. These can be made from the following:-

  • Formed plastic
  • Cut out aluminium or plastic
  • 3D all aluminium lettering
  • 3D lettering with illuminated faces
  • 3D Perspex lettering
  • Flat Perspex (acrylic) letters
  • Stainless Steel letters
  • Aluminium composite letters
  • Aluminium letters
  • Vinyl letters

Compared to conventional flush mounted vinyl lettering, built ups add extra quality to any sign. Please contact us for more information.

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