Sydney love rat strikes again

Sydney's "love-rat" has struck again, erecting another set of non-romantic messages in Sydney's exclusive Palm Beach area and giving his girlfriend four days to move out.

The love–rat first struck on Tuesday night when a series of signs appeared, lining the road to the beach north of Sydney.

From telegraph pole to pole, the signs appeared to dump a local woman called Jennifer.

At first the signs were tender: "Jennifer, will you marry me?'' the first sign read.

Then, as the road wound up towards the beach, the signs became increasingly cruel.

The next sign read: "Just joking, we're breaking up."

Then: "You have six days to get out."

Pittwater Council fielded complaints from angry locals who requested they remove the large chipboard signs.

Council spokeswoman Sally Williams told ninemsn the signs were removed by a ranger "following complaints yesterday and advice from the public."

But "then another sign appeared overnight," she said.

This one read, "You've got four days to move out." Rangers once again were called to remove the sign.

Long time Palm Beach resident, author and political speechwriter Bob Ellis was unimpressed by the man's treatment of 'Jennifer'.

"Love sonnets work better," he told ninemsn.

And maybe a love sonnet wouldn't have been confiscated by rangers, as Pittwater Council usually take a discretionary approach the public signage.

"Signs generally appear for birthdays or anniversaries," Ms Williams said.

"We have a flexible policy on them and generally we remove them within a week [but] these signs were distracting so we took them down ASAP."

Ms Williams added it was "pretty inappropriate, the wording of the whole thing."

Ellis said who saw the fresh sign this morning said, "It's serious enough to look at the handwriting (to identity the culprit)".

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