Questions raised about banners in Greenwich

While banners may not raise an eyebrow for most people, they are causing heated debate in Greenwich.

On Tuesday the village board allowed large temporary banners to be placed on top of the under-construction All Saints Hospital but denied a temporary banner on the Central local church.

All Saints Hospital requested the banners while the four story building is being built "so people will know what the building will be," said Paul Hamilton, spokesman for All Saints Hospital.

The village board approved the banners for 6 months with as option to renew it on a monthly basis.

The hospital is slated to open in February 2010.

The board approved the temporary banners partly because the hospital does not have any fascia signs or illuminated signs as of yet. "It is a hospital and therefore deserved special dispensation" a village official commented.

Other officials were concerned, however, that a precedent would be set if the banners were approved. "Next we'll be inundated with requets from retailers wanting A boards, window graphics and magnetic signs" lamented an official.

The local Church also requested permission for temporary banners after learning that the 12 foot by 12 foot banner on the church's tower was turned down by the village board.

Village officials voiced sympathy with regards to the church's plight but did not think that a long-term 144 square foot banner is acceptable.

He suggested the church apply for smaller banners and use them only until more suitable permanent fascia signs can be constructed.

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