Glendale merchants don't like sign rules

Glendale -- Ian Pascoe wants residents to know when his hardware store shop is open.

Pascoe owns Harware For All in the Glendale Hamlet, set back off the town's main highway. The store is difficult to see from the road, so Pascoe decided to hang an illuminated sign in his window.

But in February 2009, he received a letter from the town council notifying him that he was in violation of the signage zoning regulations. When he refused to remove the sign, he was fined $230.

"I don't open at night, so I want people to know that we're here," Pascoe said. "I don't believe I'm causing any harm. I just wanted something that people can see."

The town's regulations prohibit business owners from using illuminated signs in their windows and require owners to apply for a special exception. Pascoe said he applied for an exception earlier this year, but was denied a hearing.

Hardware For All lost nearly $9,000 in revenue in just the one month that Pascoe took the sign down, he said.

"The sign brings in so much revenue, taking it down is costing me a fortune" Pascoe said.

Enforcement Officer Joan Maloney said she fines anyone in violation of the regulations and added that Pascoe had submitted an incomplete application his first time.

"The rules are the rules. I can't say what's going to happen to his application this time, that's up to the commission."

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