Council okays new illuminated signs rule

The Rochester City Council gave approval to a new area ordinance that will give local business' more choice with regards to illuminated signs.

The proposal was passed by a vote of 22 - 9. The measure will allow illuminated fascia signs in the city's commercial district, an area that formerly prohibited internally illuminated signs.

"This measure allows illuminated facia signs and still keeps the area pleasing to the eye" area administrator Mark Levy told the council.

A boards and window graphics also came up for discussion during the meeting but a decision on their status was deferred for a later date.

The area administrator initially proposed the new rules after receiving an application for an illuminated sign from a stock broking firm Jones & Co. Jones received approval to fit the illuminated signs, but had to wait until the council revised the rules regarding illuminated fascia signs before they could switch them on.

The Rochester Planning Commission provided a favourable recommendation to the proposed amendment at a meeting August 25th

"This type of signage will give more leeway to local business owners who are erecting illuminated signs on their businesses," Levy said.

He said the ordinance would still prohibit internally flashing illuminated signs, such as LED signs in the locl district.

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