Car dealership faces battle over illuminated signs

Light pollution, distraction to motorists, and negative impact to neighborhoods are some of the reasons Richard Williams said residents are against illuminated signs being erected in their area.

Williams, chairman of the Los Brookville Residents Association, has sent an e-mail invitation to area residents to attend a meeting about the illuminated signs.

According to Ron Evans, owner of the dealership, said he wants to erect the illuminated signs, but he will listen to the residents objections.

"People don’t like bright illuminated fascia signs, so if you just ask them, ‘do you mind us installing illuminated signs?’ they’ll say ‘yes’, I'm sure we will find a compromise" Evans said.

"The Planning Committee voted it down, but we will be appealing the decision because illuminated signs are an important part of promoting a business."

Williams said that the illuminated sign, proposed to be 64 feet tall with a 29-foot square screen, raises concerns for driver safety.

"We are flexible with the style," he said. "I'm no expert, but I'm told illuminated signs can be less intrusive than billboards with lamps.

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