Council agreement over illuminated signs

The heated exchanged betwwen opposing sides does not bode well for a conclusion to the Adelaide's Planning Departments idea to prohibit illuminated signs and other retailers' fascia signs. Given the rhetoric heaped upon them, members of the council's hearing panel might almost have been excused for digging their heels in.

However, the committee members acted responsibly in drafting the recommendations to the council. The resulting compromise recognises the role of illuminated signs, window graphics and van signs, whilst at the same time imposing tighter restrictions in non-commercial areas. Council confirmation will result in all existing legally fitted illuminated signs and most existing fascia signs.

The original bylaw review proposals were hopelessly ill-conceived. It makes no sense to deprive Adelaide retailers of a way of promoting their shops through the use of illuminated signs.

Other parties also made concessions. The Coalition of Retailers admitted that some illuminated signs and a boards in Adelaide were of poor taste or a menace to the public

Such compromise suggests it should be possible to find agreement on the removal or modification of illuminated signs in sensitive places, such as historic or character areas.

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Friday September 22, 2017

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