The 10 steps below can be followed to fit any of our graphics. The process is the same regardless of the shape or size of the graphic.
Step No. 1(Above) :- Fully clean the area where the graphic is to be fitted. For this we would use meths (white spirit) and a lint free cloth.
Step No. 2(Above) :-Position the graphic in the desired location and tape it into place as shown here.
Step No. 3(Above) :- Peel back 2-3 inches of the application paper and cut away the backing paper as shown.
Step No. 4(Above) :- With the backing paper cut away, use an application tool (squeegy) and in an up and down motion, proceed to lay down the graphic.
Step No. 5(Above) :- With the graphic now 'tagged' down, remove the remaining pieces of tape holding it in place.
Step No. 6(Above) :- Keeping the graphic away from the surface (very important) you can now revove the remaining backing paper.
Step No. 7(Above) :- Using the same technique as previously, proceed to lay down the graphic with the application tool (squeegy).
Step No. 8(Above) :-Now the graphic is fully down and in the position you required it to be.

Step No. 9(Above) :-Peel away the application paper leaving only the graphic applied to the surface.
Step No. 10(Above) :-There you go, it is done. Easy isn't it !